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unsure of their surroundings. Soon the clouds cleared, the ideas were
                                         marshalled, and he was off.

                                         Seventy-two drawings later Webb had covered themes of language,
                                         phil osophy, and education, bringing in imagery from the grounds of the
                                         Albers Foundation and people in his life, as well as invented scenes and
                                         charac ters. Difficult concepts were given crisp and leg ible form. Rhythmic
                                         distil lations of the land evoked dreams or partial memories that had resur -
                                         faced with new meanings. Webb moved through the studio like a wind,
                                         filling it entirely.

                                         Josef and Anni Albers were artists who prized above all else the time and
                                         space to engage deeply in their creative practices. Richard Kenton Webb’s
                                         productive and inspiring residency took full advan tage of those rarest of
                                         commodities, extending what Josef Albers referred to as ‘the revelation
                                         and evocation of vision through art’. In the time since Webb left Bethany,
                                         it is clear that the momen tum of his residency has not waned. The richness
                                         and generosity of his thinking and vision become only more apparent as
                                         new images are added to the bodies of work that he began last summer.

                                         Fritz Horstman
                                         The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, March 2023
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