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The Albers Series              July in Bethany, Connecticut, is warm and leafy. The sun is out more often
                                          than not, and the forest and nearby pond are alive with birds, squirrels,
                                          and deer. Occasional thunder storms give way to gentle days filled with
                                          dap pled light. Richard Kenton Webb arrived at this ideal setting in the
                                          summer of 2022, taking up residence for two months in one of the two
                                          artist studios of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

                                          Webb’s intelligent and evocative paintings and drawings had been
                                          brought to the attention of the Albers Foundation by Dr. Richard Davey
                                          a few years earlier. The vitality of Webb’s use of colour and form and his
                                          obvious dedication to his craft made him a natural fit for the Albers
                                          Foundation’s residency program.

                                          In his time in Bethany, Webb was incredibly productive, working from one
                                          idea to the next at a remarkable clip and with steady focus. He arrived with
                                          no set agenda, but with a range of materials. Coming off an all-encom  pas -
                                          sing teaching schedule with little time for his own studio work, Webb was
                                          brimming with ideas and energy. Immed iately understanding the oppor -
                                            tunity with which he had been pres ented, he wasted no time in get  ting
                                          started, settling on charcoal on paper as his primary medium. The first few
                                          drawings were a recali bration and focusing of energies. Scores of ideas
                                          that vied for his attention appeared as clouds in the drawings. Figures were
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